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We view consulting primarily as set-up, management and improvement of processes and resources which results in minimum cost and maximization of profit. We show our clients new ways that lead to improved effectivity, more comfort and time to invest in their own activity.


Optimum set-up of creation, division and use of money resources in the company.


Complete (100%) accounting and tax service. Improved control and management of processes in the area of accounting and tax reporting through our innovative approach.


Set-up, management and optimization of processes and resources directed at achieving higher effectivity.


Synergy in all aspects of activity fulfills desired needs of the client.


Tax optimization and set-up of tax parameters to achieve lowest tax liability.


Set-op of external and internal processes and connections in the company.


Improved processes of warehousing resulting in minimum inventory on hand.

Internal Control

Search for optimum internal processes and its application in every day operations.